The online shop POMUL REGAL – is the platform that provides you with 100% original products directly from the manufacturer. In order to ensure consumer safety, the actions of the shop are regulated by the legislation in force both in the Republic of Moldova and the European Union!
However, there may be situations where products do not fully meet the customer’s expectations, and in this case our task is to work with the customer, because your opinion is the best. matters to us.
Every review we receive helps us to improve the quality of our service.

When you are entitled to complain:

  1. The product does not correspond to the information on the website (photo, description, name, shade, consistency).
  2. The validity period has expired!
  3. The product has suffered some damage in transit.

In these cases, the customer is entitled to ask for a replacement product, or a refund of the amount paid at the time of the order, only in cases where the shop is at fault for these situations.
If the error is caused by the customer’s actions, the shop bears no liability!

How do you file a complaint?
To file a complaint, please contact us at

Once you have spoken to our manager to return the goods, you will receive a call from the courier, who will come to your address. to pick up the parcel. In the case of online payment by card, the return is also made to the card with which the payment was made.
Don’t forget to pack your products securely so that they are not damaged in transit. We recommend that you return the products in their original box.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 373 69 939 939

Examination of complaints
The online shop has 14 working days to process the complaint. As a customer, you have the right: to cancel the contract of sale of the product, to replace the damaged product with a new one, to ask for free repair or to reduce the price of this product. And we will try to resolve your complaint in a reasonable time without causing you any inconvenience.

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