Franquette is a late-leafing variety with low susceptibility to spring frost damage, walnut blight and codling moth. Franquette gives a fair production of well-sealed, thin-shelled quality nuts with light kernels. The tree is very large and upright. Franquette comes into production late and requires little pruning. Used as pollenizer for Chandler.

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ORIGIN: France

TREE: Franquette walnut tree grows upright and coarse trees after seedling development. Leaves late. Not affected by late spring frosts. It is more suitable to plant in places with 0-1200 meters height above sea level.

FRUIT: Although it is pollinator, it gives fruit and its fruits are long. Fruit weight varies between 11-12 g. Internal rate of fruit is around 50%.

HARVESTING TIME: September 20 to October 5.

POWDERERS: Partially self-productive. Pollinates with Chandler.


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